Marriage Officer

Currently, in South Africa, we designate registered members of Team Impact Ministries as marriage officers through the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa.

In order to become a marriage officer with Team Impact Ministries a person would need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be a registered member of Team Impact Ministries
  • be an ordained minister of the gospel (ordination certificate)
  • be a South African Citizen or a foreign national who has been granted permanent residency in South Africa.
  • Leading a congregation or church which necessitates being designated as a marriage officer.

Being able to issue a marriage license means that you would be able to solemnise marriages within South Africa and that you would also be a commissioner of oaths.

How to request being designated a marriage officer through T.I.M:

  • First and foremost, you need to be a member of T.I.M
  • Meet all the requirements, as stated above
  • Send an email to us requesting your designation as a marriage officer, only once you are a member can you request to be designated.

Being a designated marriage officer under Team Impact Ministries means that you will have the authority to legally marry two people to one another, and the state will recognise your solemnisation of the marriage as it will be registered by you as a marriage officer with the Department of Home Affairs. It

Please feel free to email us should you have any questions about membership with T.I.M or if you would like more details on the above with T.I.M.