Team Impact Ministries

Ministerial Credentials – Team Impact Ministries is an independent non-denominational ministry that offers voluntary affiliation to ministers, ministries, and Christian leaders who desire to receive ministry credentials in accordance with our bylaws.
Apostolic ministries are crucial to enabling the body of Christ to fulfil the Great Commission in the church and the marketplace.

We know clearly that God is the only one who can truly ordain and set in place and unless He has first ordained, any man’s recognition is in vain.
Team Impact Ministries is birthed out of a need for a place for those who are called into ministry to have a relationship, covering, accountability, fellowship, and validation. Joining Team Impact Ministries will provide members with a place to belong to a like-minded family.

Our function is to serve others and provide resources and support instead of trying to control what they do. Each should maintain their local sovereignty and control. We seek to network with others for the purpose of personal and corporate fellowship, growth, development, and ministry. We provide ministry to the leader and ministry while protecting unique individuality and autonomy. We apply a New Testament pattern of apostolic relationship and development that promotes the idea of local and sovereign ministries.

We can do so much more corporately than we can do alone while finding protection and a sense of family and relationship with those who join us in God’s mission. Being in full-time ministry can be isolating and lonely at times. We need one another and need to not only give but also receive comfort, encouragement, prayer, edification, exhortation, and acceptance. We believe you will find this here at Team Impact Ministries.

We seek to help those who are called into ministry, whether full-time or part-time. We want to help men and women of God who have a desire and call to serve Him by serving others. We also seek to develop good relationships with Jesus at the center. We endeavour to network one with another and be resources and sources of support for one another and our ministries.
Team Impact Ministries will promote accountability and cover through conventions and other methods where relationships on various levels may help to expand your measure of influence. This valuable opportunity can only come through meeting and building relationships with those ministers, ministries, and churches with who you are in one accord.

We understand that not all Christian leaders will pastor a local church, but will pursue their calling in other fields such as Christian  Counseling, Christian Education, Missions, Youth Ministry, Marketplace Ministry, etc.

Team Impact Ministries provides a home for all ministry vocations and we do not esteem any one above another. We see ministry as specific areas of service resulting from the divine call upon an individual’s life, which is recognized by the Body of Christ and confirmed by those in spiritual leadership.

Baton Rouge, LA70816 USA

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