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Drs Jeff and Marlene Van Wyk

Dr. Jeff Van Wyk is currently serving as the President of the ministry. Dr. Jeff has many years of ministry and has functioned in the apostolic for many years. Dr. Jeff is a sought after speaker and has lectured and taught all around the world. Dr. Jeff has birthed many ministries included in those are Team Impact Christian University, which assists over ten thousand students a year with ministerial training and education.

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Dr. Nicolas Marais, Ph.D

Vice President

Dr. Nicolas Marais is currently serving as the vice president for the ministry. Dr. Nicolas has a passion to see the Body of Christ restored to its original apostolic mandate and function as the Church of Christ.

Dr. Nicolas Marais has served on a number of church boards and established a number of Bible Colleges in South Africa. Over the past few years God has been preparing Dr. Nicolas for reformation within the church. It is his desire to see the true apostolic function within the Body of Christ.